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Dough Bowl Candles Pumpkin Paradise

Dough Bowl Candles Pumpkin Paradise

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Experience the joy of effortless gifting with our Dough Bowl candles. Each bowl has been hand carved just for you! Unique in every way! They are made to order and hand poured with you in mind...

These candles are hand poured just for you and may take up to one week to ship!

Refills are available! (1lb option)  If you live in the Ada area I will refill them for you! 

 Dough Bowl approximate size: Length 9.5"-10"  Width 5.5"-6" Height 1.25"-2.25


Pumpkin ParadiseA scent that captures the essence of autumn in every burn. This delicious blend envelops your senses with the rich aroma of pumpkin, perfectly infused with warm notes of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. As the comforting spices linger in the air, hints of a sweet vanilla pie crust emerge, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Light up Pumpkin Paradise and let the delightful fragrance transform your space into a haven of seasonal bliss. Perfect for chilly evenings, festive gatherings, or whenever you crave a touch of fall's enchanting charm.

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