Hey There, Darlin'!

I’m so happy you’ve made it! Pull up a chair and enjoy a glass of tea as you go on and get comfortable making your way around CCW Candle Co. And darling, please leave any worries at your front door because the aroma of our candles will welcome you with open arms and wrap you up in all those heartwarming feelings of home–no matter where you’ve gone. You’ll be reminded that you’re home again. And with our unique collection of candles, comfort truly starts the moment you step into your treasured space.


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a wooden baguette candle laying on a counter

Welcome Back Home

Handcrafted with love, all of our candles are more than just an illuminating flame to your place. Our candles are your perfect guiding light back to your snuggest and safest space–home sweet home. So unlock those tucked away memories as you’re swept back to your most cherished times. With each of our scents feeling like a gentle embrace and whisper saying “welcome back”, allow our candles to radiate light into your heart and reignite your soul.

Please Note

In the summer months;
June-August  I only ship Mon-Wednesday.
I don't want candles to sit in hot shipping warehouses over the weekend.

Baguette candle lit, on a counter top.

Our Candles For Your Story

CCW Candles are more than just a flame of light, they are your personal storytellers and silent keepers for each and every one of life's moments. Each candle you light is a timeless vessel for all of your fondest memories. As you light the wick, there will be a gentle aroma infusing the air with all of your treasured moments, as you are taken back to a time of euphoric bliss. You are in control as you pick the scent that resonates with the feelings you’ll embrace today. Our candles will rekindle all the pieces of home you’ve safely kept in your heart and they’ll be honored and ignited each and every time you light one of our candles.

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