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Dough Bowl Candles Cozy Christmas

Dough Bowl Candles Cozy Christmas

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Experience the joy of effortless gifting with our Dough Bowl candles. Each bowl has been hand carved just for you! Unique in every way! They are made to order and hand poured with you in mind...

These candles are hand poured just for you and may take up to one week to ship!

Refills are available! (1lb option)  If you live in the Ada area I will refill them for you! 

 Dough Bowl approximate size: Length 9.5"-10"  Width 5.5"-6" Height 1.25"-2.25


Cozy Christmas: This fragrance begins with inviting top notes of peppery ginger and sweet brown sugar, creating a savory complexity that intrigues the senses. As the scent develops, comforting butter, rich molasses, and smooth vanilla take center stage, enveloping you in a heartwarming embrace.  Finally, the scent is beautifully rounded off with a dusting of cinnamon and clove, and a splash of creamy milk, reminiscent of classic holiday treats. Cozy Christmas is perfect for creating a festive, cozy atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.


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