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CCW & Co. Farmhouse Candles

Dough Bowl Candles Spring Scents

Dough Bowl Candles Spring Scents

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Experience the joy of effortless gifting with our Dough Bowl candles. Each bowl has been hand carved just for you! Unique in every way! They are made to order and hand poured with you in mind...

These candles are hand poured just for you and may take up to one week to ship!

Refills are available! (1lb option)  If you live in the Ada area I will refill them for you! 

 Dough Bowl approximate size: Length 9.5"-10"  Width 5.5"-6" Height 1.25"-2.25


Beach Bum: With a tantalizing blend of pistachio, salted caramel, vanilla, and sandalwood,  this candle is a symphony of decadent notes that transports you to the sandy beaches of Brazil! It is a blend of the best summer you have ever had AND the best summer you are about to have! 

Farmhouse Linen:  farmhouse favorite where the essence of fresh laundry hanging in the warm sunlight fills the air. This fragrance captures the simple yet comforting aroma of clean linens gently swaying in a summer breeze.  Greeted by the crisp top notes of citrus, mingling with a subtle hint of ozone that evokes the sensation of sun-drenched air. The heart of the fragrance unfolds with delicate floral undertones, reminiscent of blooming white flowers, adding a touch of elegance to the overall composition.   

Rich Leather The scent of leather is often described as rich, earthy, and robust, with a combination of warmth and ruggedness. It's a complex aroma that can evoke feelings of luxury, nostalgia, and strength. It's a scent that carries the stories of the past and the promise of enduring quality.  

Saffron & Cedar:  A unique and luxurious combination that brings together warm, spicy, and woody notes. When combined in a candle, the saffron and cedar create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere. The spicy sweetness of saffron complements the earthy richness of cedar, resulting in a balanced and complex fragrance. The scent is likely to be warm and comforting, making it suitable for creating a cozy ambiance in your favorite space.  

Welcome home - Our "Welcome Home" fragrance is a heartwarming and inviting blend that encapsulates the essence of comfort and togetherness. It's like a warm embrace that fills your space with the aromas of freshly baked goodness and cherished memories.. Where warm cinnamon, brown sugar, apple butter and cloves unite.

Sweet Honey & Tobacco: Indulge your senses in the warm embrace of Sweet Honey and Tobacco, a captivating fragrance that intertwines the richness of golden honey with the alluring depth of fine tobacco leaves. Opening with burst of luscious sweetness, notes of honey caress your senses, evoking images of sunlit meadows and blooming flowers. As the fragrance develops, the aroma of tobacco emerges, adding a layer of sophistication and intrigue. 

Signature Scent: A captivating fragrance that captures the essence of a cozy evening by the fireside, where the aroma of aged bourbon mingles with the comforting scent of ambered vanilla and well-worn wooden furnishings reminding me of home.. 

Brown Sugar & Fig: A delightful blend of warmth and sweetness, the scent of brown sugar and fig is a harmonious symphony that evokes comfort and indulgence. The top notes dance with the rich, earthy sweetness of ripe figs, their velvety aroma capturing the essence of a sun-soaked orchard. This initial burst is then gently embraced by the mellowness of brown sugar, its caramelized and honeyed undertones infusing the scent with a sense of cozy familiarity. 

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