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CCW & Co. Farmhouse Candles

Country Cottage Jar Candle Tailgate

Country Cottage Jar Candle Tailgate

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Our new matte white candle jar exudes an air of elegance and simplicity, effortlessly blending modern aesthetics with timeless charm. The jar itself is crafted from high-quality glass, its surface finished in a soothing matte white tone. The matte finish creates a subtle yet captivating visual effect, gently diffusing light to create a muted, calming glow when the candle is lit. 11 oz.


Tailgate- Capture all the fun of tailgating on a crisp fall afternoon with our Tailgate Candle. This scent blends the rich, smoky aroma of hickory with the distinctive notes of football leather, evoking the excitement of game day. A touch of dark cedarwood and moss adds a grounding, earthy finish, perfect for bringing the essence of a spirited tailgate into your home. Light this candle and be transported to the heart of the action, surrounded by friends, cheering fans, and the vibrant energy of autumn.



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